Lease Extension Valuation

A formal lease extension valuation will put you in a strong bargaining position when negotiating the premium with the landlord.

Reduce the landlord's premium

Don't rely on the landlord's valuation. This will be heavily weighted in favour of the landlord's best interests. We strongly recommend that you obtain your own valuation and use this as ammunition to reduce the landlord's offer. A 25% reduction on the landlord's original offer is common for leaseholder's with their own valuation.

What is a lease extension valuation?

A lease extension valuation must be prepared by a professional with experience in lease extensions. A valuation is not a standard market valuation of the sellable value of the property, but rather a breakdown of complex calculations to determine how much compensation is due to the landlord in return for extending your lease.

Order a professional report (£180)

Use the payment link below for a same day turn around professional valuation report.

How to negotiate the premium

Use the professional valuation calculation report to negotiate with a freeholder. The report will provide the freeholder with unchallengable evidence of the fair premium that would be set by a tribunal. If you need any assistance with negotiating the premium we recommend contacting - Ashley Connell is a solicitor specialising in lease extensions, with over 10 years experience.