Cost to extend lease

How is your lease extension cost calculated?

Ground Rent Loss
Freeholder's lost ground rent - £1,220.32

Ground Rent: £75 per annum

Years Purchase factor for 64.19 years @6%: 16.271

Freeholder's Ground Rent entitlement: £1,220.32

Reversionary Interest
Reversionary Interest - £1,220.32

Value of the leasehold property if it was extended by 90 years: £27,184.57

Deferred for years at a rate of 5%: £27,462.91

Deferred for years at a rate of 5%: £26,867.74

Diminution in landlord's value: £26,862.95

Marriage Value
Marriage Value - £37,048

This only applies if the existing lease term has less than 80 years remaining.

Tenant's future interest: £595,000

Landlord's future interest: £322

Landlord's and Tenant's future interest: £595,322

Tenant's current interest: £492,822 using relativity of

Landlord's current interest: £28,405

Landlord's current interest: £28,962

Landlord's and Tenant's current interest: £521,227

Difference between future and current interests: £74,095

Marriage value is half of the above: £37,048

Adding the 3 factors together:

Total Lease Extension Cost - £65,612

About our lease extension calculator

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